Welcome to Fuller Seed and Supply


Fuller Seed and Supply is the outgrowth of the late Ray Fuller, stemming from his earliest time in farming dating back to the 1940's.  After World War II, Mr. Fuller rented 20 acres of land, and started with three acres of cotton.  It was at this time that Mr. Fuller would fashion a coal oil lantern, hanging from a fishing pole, to provide light so he could continue working into the night hours. Ray Fuller founded The Fuller Seed and Supply Company in 1983 at the site of the old Poplar Grove Gin, and that same pride and work ethic still ring true today.  It is the pride of knowing that a hard days work and a quality product can still make a difference for todays progressive farmer, just as it did in Mr Fuller's earliest days of farming.  Today, Ray's sons Terry (shown below) and twin brother Jerry, man the operations with Terry being the president of Fuller Seed, and Jerry handling the farming/livestock operations.

We carry a full line of seed, chemical products, and now Priefert Ranch Equipment.  Check out our links page for more info.  Call or come by to inquire today!


 We are located 3 miles east of Marvell, Ar on highway 49.